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Docyard is our approach to document and contract management. Docyard is a powerful, flexible and secure solution for all kinds of businesses. It is made to store, manage and analyze not only documents, but any data businesses capture on a daily basis. It is a perfect fit for document, portfolio, contract, customer, real estate or product management.

Data Services

As a Docyard customer we provide you with custom services to all your data management needs. Starting from finding an appropriate structure for all your documents to drawing conclusions from your data. We know Docyard in every detail and are keen on finding the best solutions to all your data related problems.

Business Information Systems

Sometimes even Docyard has no solution to your specific business problems. This is where our developers come into play to provide you with custom IT solutions. For this we have built BusyBase — a software component framework to develop professional and quality assured business information systems, mobile dashboards, custom reporting tools et cetera.

Recent Customers

The motor sports branch of BMW — the BMW M GmbH — hired us to build a custom solution to create and manage shipping notes. We used our own framework BusyBase as the core of this system.

For WWF Metascape developed a web platform to determine the origin of confiscated ivory. For that, a customized version of MetaPlace is being used.

Recent customer logos - BMW M and WWF

Products and services

  • Tab 1 Docyard

    Secure and flexible data room that is capable to deal with large file uploads.

  • Tab 2 MetaPlace

    Analyze addresses and draw conclusions from customer data.

  • Tab 3 Metronomic

    Our media agency specialized in web development, responsive design and eCommerce solutions.

  • Tab 4 Custom solutions / Consulting / Project Mangement

    We develop custom software solutions and provide services for project management and business analysis.

Flexible document and contract management

With the continuously growing number of electronic data and documents, the challenges to manage those amounts grow as well. Therefore Docyard provides companies with flexible mechanisms, that make it easy to structure and share documents in a secure and intuitive way.

Moreover, Docyard allows to define custom data objects that can be used to capture and analyze specific business data. This makes Docyard a perfect fit for all kinds of information management like portfolio management, asset management, product management and document management.

Visit our product website to learn more about Docyard.

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